Friday, April 15, 2011

ALJ Bias Class Action

Last Wednesday, I wrote about the class action lawsuit filed against Administrative Law Judges (“ALJs”) David Z. Nisnewitz, Michael D. Cofresi, Seymour Fier, Marilyn P. Hoppenfeld and Hazel C. Strauss (the “Queens Five”). If you are interested in the details of that lawsuit, I have added a link under my website’s Resources tab so you can read the actual complaint that was filed in court.

It should be noted that the lawsuit excludes three other ALJs in Queens hearing office: Margaret Pecoraro, Sol Wieselthier and Gal Lahat. There is a consensus that none of these three ALJs have exhibited the pattern and practice of anti-claimant bias that the Queens Five have demonstrated.

One of the goals of the class action lawsuit is to annul the decisions of the Queens Five that denied claims of disability claimants, and to provide new hearings before ALJs other than the Queens Five. If your disability claim has been denied in whole or part by one of the Queens Five, then you should consider contacting the attorneys representing the plaintiffs to ensure your inclusion in the potential class.

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