Thursday, July 7, 2011

SSD Approved In Two Months

It is common knowledge that it usually takes a long time to get an application for Social Security Disability (“SSD”) processed. I represent a 53 year old former Director of Field Operations for New York City whose SSD application was approved today in only two months. What made this case different?

The claimant was very organized. The claimant already had her medical records before meeting me, which saved a substantial amount of time. Perhaps more importantly, the claimant quickly obtained the reports from her two orthopedists and physiatrist that I had requested, each of whom identified the clinical and diagnostic findings to support their opinion that the claimant lacked the ability to perform sedentary work.

It is no guarantee that submitting supportive medical records and reports with an application for SSD benefits will result in an award in only two months. However, securing the evidence promptly can shave many months off the review process, which is beneficial regardless of whether or not the decision is favorable.

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