Friday, December 23, 2011

Binder and Binder

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article yesterday that was highly critical of Binder and Binder. The article discusses how Tom Coburn, the Senator from Oklahoma, who is the top Republican on a subcommittee on Social Security, said Binder & Binder's practices were "potentially fraudulent" and raised questions on how many disability beneficiaries "are potentially improperly receiving benefits."

I doubt the charges that Binder & Binder engaged in fraudulent conduct since that implies they were knowingly and intentionally deceiving the Social Security Administration. It is much more likely that any alleged problems stemmed from Binder & Binder's practice of using non-attorney representatives to handle most of the work when processing Social Security Disability ("SSD") claims. It should be readily obvious that a claim will be handled more carefully, timely, and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations when the claim is handled by an attorney as opposed to a lay person. Binder & Binder is not alone in that respect.

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, other large companies have tried to mimic Binder & Binder's volume business model. There are nationwide companies that Long Term Disability insurance companies tell people to use that handle SSD claims in a manner akin to Binder & Binder. Claimants should think twice before using the services of those large companies because they perceive the insurance companies as their clients.

When deciding who to chose to represent you for your SSD application, make sure that an attorney is the person who will handle every phase of your claim.

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