Monday, April 16, 2012

Alport Syndrome

According to the Alport Syndrome Foundation, Alport Syndrome is an inherited disease of the kidney that can also affect the inner ear cochlea and eye.   Like any medical condition, it can be disabling if it becomes severe.

A 57 year old sewage disposal worker retained me last month after his application for Social Security Disability (“SSD”) benefits was denied.  The State agency denied the claim on the grounds that none of the claimant’s medical conditions were severe enough to prevent him from working.

I obtained medical evidence from the claimant’s doctor that explained how Alport’s Syndrome disabled the claimant due to hearing loss and the need for constant bathroom access.  Additionally, I explained how considering all of the claimant’s impairments together showed that the claimant could not work on a sustained basis.  The hearing office agreed, and approved my request for a fully favorable decision on the record less than 1.5 months after I was retained.  Therefore, not only will the claimant avoid having to attend a hearing, but he will also start receiving SSD benefits far sooner than expected.

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