Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Binder & Binder Replaced

A 49 year old business owner asked me to take over his Social Security Disability (“SSD”) case from Binder & Binder because he said they failed to service his claim properly. He also complained that he kept getting assigned new “advocates” at Binder & Binder, who were not attorneys, and they never returned his calls on a timely basis. I regularly am asked to take over cases from people who are being represented by Binder & Binder.

Binder & Binder attracts thousands of clients by spending millions of dollars on television advertising. They may have won more cases than anyone, but they have also lost more. They run their SSD practice as a business; they don’t call themselves a law firm, and experience has shown that you will have difficulty speaking with an attorney.

When I was the Senior Litigator at Binder & Binder, some clients complained that they never even had the opportunity to speak with an attorney until a few minutes before their hearing. I get my clients through referrals, and every one of them is important to me. People retain me because they know they are not a statistic in a mass production business. I run my practice as a profession, I operate a law firm, and you will be able to speak with me, and as a lawyer, your communications with me are privileged.

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