Monday, February 11, 2013

Queens ALJ Bias Plaintiff

I have written many blogs on the class action lawsuit against the five ALJs from Queens. I am one of only two attorneys who agreed to submit an affidavit against the five ALJs. The other is Troy Rosasco. You can go to my resources tab for copies of the affirmations. I have commented about those ALJs’ bias in an effort to help guaranty that my clients, and future claimants, receive fair and just hearings for Social Security benefits. Not only did the ALJ's repeatedly make the same legal errors, they also subjected the claimants to angry tirades, and treated them with unconcealed disdain. Today I received a thank you note from one of the named Plaintiffs in the Padro Queens class action case:

Dear Jeffrey: There are no words that can express my gratitude for all the hard work you have done on my behalf. I was very impressed to see how you protect and defend your clients rights regardless their gender or ethnicity. I realize this is not just a job or hobby for you. You are here to give voice to the voiceless. (someone like me after years of humiliations, or isolation I lost my voice.) So many times I came out of the hearings feeling unimportant, belittled and ridiculed due to my sickness. You gave me strength because I was standing on your shoulders. I came to this country in 1983. I worked while I went to school. I graduated from HS. I went to laguardia, received an Associate in applied science. I worked two jobs because I had family at home to take care of. Not once did I go for public assistance even when I had nothing to eat. It was out of questions. Many times I went to school without food and came home to an empty fridge. It did not matter. I had a dream. In 1991 I achieve this dream and was working as a physical therapy Assistant at Queens Genera Hospital for almost a decade. I attend meetings and have lunch with doctors and nurses. I did not fit the myth of "lazy immigrants. Later on I received my bachelor in applied science as a community health educator. I wanted to acquire a master degree in public health. You know the rest. Fibromyalgia happened. suddenly my life change completely. I am under attack My energy went from 100 % to -50. I was no longer in charge Fibromyalgia was. Sometimes it may take me one hour just to tie my shoes etc. I lost everything The only thing I had was faith. faith in god almighty and faith in my attorney. As you know I have a child with a disability. I had no choice I had to fight to survive. My Little boy is counting on me. Thank you for saving my family. It could of been a major disaster. Please continue the good fight. God chose you for a reason. He chose you to become the voice of the people.("We the people.) 

Jim Walden of Gibson Dunn is the attorney who brought the class action against the ALJs. His web page says, "Disqualify biased Administrative Law Judges who wrongfully denied Social Security disability benefits to thousands of needy New Yorkers." Unfortunately, the settlement failed to do that, and claimants will still be forced to have their cases heard by those five ALJs. Please contact my office if you are concerned that you may not receive a fair hearing from an ALJ in Queens.

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