Friday, November 7, 2014

Unum Agrees Claimant Can’t Do Any Work

I represent a securities trader with psoriatic arthritis, whose long term disability (“LTD”) benefits Unum was looking to terminate after the definition of disability in its policy changed from own occupation to any occupation in October 2014. As far back as January 2014, Unum had been asking for medical evidence to support the change in definition, which I had been opposing as being premature. 

Unum found that the evidence I submitted supported that my client’s condition prevents him from being able to perform any relevant occupation. Consequently, Unum approved making continued LTD benefits. 

In its approval letter, Unum asked to be advised if my client’s contact information changed. I have instructed Unum countless times that it may not contact my client directly. Therefore, there is no need for Unum to be advised of any such change. What Unum is not saying is that it wants to know if my client relocates in case it wants to pay for surveillance as a means to terminate his LTD benefits, since the medical evidence does not provide a basis for doing so.

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