Thursday, May 26, 2016


Lymphedema refers to swelling that generally occurs in the arms or legs, which is usually caused by the removal of, or damage to, your lymph nodes. The swelling occurs from a blockage in your lymphatic system that prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and the fluid buildup leads to swelling and frequently causes pain and reduced mobility. According to webmd, elevating the swollen arm or leg can help drain lymph fluid from the affected limb. 

I represent a 51 year old former art director with lymphedema whose Social Security Disability application was approved today. A key reason for the approval was the opinion of the treating physician, who opined that the claimant should elevate her leg hourly, which the vocational expert said precluded work. The Administrative Law Judge gave great weight to that doctor’s opinion, and accepted the vocational expert’s opinion.

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