Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rule Change

Social Security recently changed its rules and regulations concerning unsuccessful work attempts. (“UWA”)

If you stop working at a job in less than three months due to a medical condition, then it can be considered an UWA, which would not impact the ability to receive Social Security Disability (“SSD”) benefits. Prior to November 16, 2016, there were additional requirements to qualify for an UWA if the work lasted between three and six months. Those additional requirements have now been removed. 

I represent a 43 year old former graphic designer with multiple sclerosis who was able to avoid a hearing because of the new UWA rule. The claimant’s SSD application was approved yesterday, even though he had a five month UWA after he stopped working. Prior to November 16, 2016, the claimant would have needed to attend a hearing because he would have needed to explain why he satisfied the additional requirements to qualify for the UWA.

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