Tuesday, August 22, 2017

SSD Hearing Delays

by Susan Golden

At the beginning of this year, the total wait time for a Social Security Disability ("SSD”) hearing was at an all time high of 511 days. [Link it] Fast forward to today, and that wait has increase by another 84 days, bringing the total wait time to an average of 595 days. 

As I discussed in a previous blog, due to the federal government hiring freeze and budget cuts in federal spending, SSD is backlogged with cases. There are not enough administrative law judges, attorneys or staff to handle these claims in a timely manner. 

If you are in dire need, and cannot wait two years for a hearing, then we recommend calling your Congressman or Senator to lobby on your behalf. You can also try calling your local TV news stations, like "7 On Your Side." The public needs to know how disabled people are being treated. These people worked their entire lives, and would give anything to be able to continue to do so. Nobody wants to get SSD instead of working since SSD only provides a fraction of what they were earning. No one should have to live for 2+ years without any income, and in danger of losing everything, because of bureaucratic delays.

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