Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Same Day SSD & DI Award

I have been representing claimants for most types of disability benefit claims for many years, and clients have frequently hired me to handle more than one type of disability claim. However, until today, I never had a case where I received approval for two different disability benefits for the same client on the same day. 

A veterinarian with back problems retained me to handle his applications for Social Security Disability (“SSD”) and long term disability (“LTD”) benefits through a veterinary association group plan. While there was some crossover of medical records, the application forms and processes were completely different, and commenced on different dates. The SSD and LTD applications were approved today, five and three months after filing respectively. 

Perhaps the real story isn’t that both applications were approved on the same day, but that each was approved in relatively quick fashion. Clearly delineated work duties and physical demands, combined with detailed clinical and diagnostic findings as well as functionality assessments, which the claimant helped us get from his doctors very quickly, facilitated timely decisions from the SSD and LTD analysts.

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