Monday, April 1, 2013

Work History

Sometimes it is more important for a Social Security Disability (“SSD”) applicant to emphasize work history than medical evidence. I have a Connecticut client whose SSD application was approved today in three months based primarily on his work background. 

I highlighted that the claimant only held one job, inspecting shoes, for the last 25 years, where he earned a high income that steadily increased. It simply made no sense that such a person would stop working and exaggerate his medical condition in order to receive a fraction of his salary in SSD benefits. 

The claimant had physical and mental impairments that prevented him from working. Moreover, the claimant’s doctors said that they would support the claimant’s application. The application was approved in three months, at which time I had only submitted reports from one of the claimant’s doctors, both of which clearly supported. 

It usually takes multiple supporting medical opinions or diagnostic evidence showing that a claimant meets a listing to be approved for SSD benefits in only three months. Neither was the case in this instance. Therefore, the logical inference is that the claimant was approved because he was believed when he said he was unable to work based upon his work history.

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