Friday, January 23, 2015

A Padro Success

The Padro class action provides certain disability claimants who had hearings with Queens ALJs new hearings. I represent a 40 year old pharmaceutical territory manager whose Social Security Disability (“SSD”) was denied by ALJ Fier, despite evidence from several treating doctors that her physical and mental impairments rendered her totally disabled. The claimant alleged that she became disabled in 2008, and her date last insured (“DLI”) was 12/31/13. 

The claimant was given a new hearing under the 2014 Padro settlement agreement. The new ALJ had medical and vocational experts testify at the hearing. I supplied new medical reports, which post-dated the DLI. The new ALJ found the claimant was disabled because she met a listing based on one of the new reports I obtained. With that exception, the ALJ approved the claimant’s SSD benefits essentially based upon the same evidence that that had been presented to ALJ Fier.

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