Sunday, February 22, 2015

State Agency Analyst Lied

One of my client’s eFolder became available today. The eFolder contained one document that said my client did not comply with requests to have a consultative examination (“CE”), and the other said that my client did not keep the CE appointment. Both documents were written by J. Nimrod, a State agency analyst. Nimrod is a liar. 

My client appeared for his CE. In fact, he has videotape showing that he complied with the CE request, and kept the CE appointment. The videotape is concrete proof that Nimrod lied when representing in writing that my client neither complied with the CE demand, nor kept the appointment. 

Nimrod and other analysts habitually fail to follow the rules.  Nimrod and his ilk have made it a habit of lying about claimants supposedly not appearing for their CE. These so-called analysts know that there is no rule precluding claimants from taping a CE. Consequently, the analysts blatantly lie when a claimant appears for a CE with a videorecorder, and claim that they never showed up. 

It is difficult to have any respect for the State agency when its employees destroy its integrity through flagrantly fraudulent misrepresentations.

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