Monday, August 12, 2013

ALJ Strauss Claimants

If you had a Social Security hearing before Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) Hazel Strauss where you thought you were denied a fair hearing, now is your chance to let her know.

The federal court has scheduled another Fairness Hearing regarding the Padro class action for September 16, 2013. ALJ Strauss asked Judge Amon for the opportunity to speak at the Fairness Hearing. Notably, ALJ Strauss made use of government resources, official SSA letterhead, envelope, and apparently postal meter, to mail her personal request.

ALJ Strauss wants to complain to Judge Amon about how unfairly she has been treated in the Padro class action. I am sure that Judge Amon would like to hear from claimants who were treated unfairly by ALJ Strauss as well.

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